"Make An Impact In Life...Excel In School!"
"Time influences the character of the people that we lend it to."
S80QAfter school program runs on Monday to Fridays 2:30pm to 6:00pm in the Cafeteria and Gymnasium. It starts immediately after the regular school dismissal and takes place in the Cafetiere. Snacks are usually served to start as the kids eat, talk and mingle for the next 10 minutes. After that time everyone moves to a squared table area for an open discussion. 

At the table, youngsters are encouraged to talk about their day. This helps them in developing skills in communicating and express themselves in front of an audience. They are taught to take the floor at random and speak as long as the floor is open. We prod them to share their opinions and or ideas on things like - games, homework, food, school and other areas. 

The scene then shifts to the gym for the next 15 minutes starting with the reading of the Impact Poem. The poem is an affirmation about making an impact in life by excelling in school. The kids gravitate to reading the poem and thus being named the conductor for the day. At the conclusion of the reading, the conductor then selects whom he or she thought were the most enthusiastic supporters. The payoff is a magical train ride through-out the gym as everyone who didn't make it on to the train blows the horn as they circle the gym giving out high fives - before excitingly exiting the Gym to attack their homework. 

Over the next hour to hour and a half (3:30-5:00pm), the staff along with hand picked valedictorians from Writers Academy's Principal, Mr. Charles Anderson are hard at work tutoring and helping the kids to better understand the concept of effectively doing their homework. 

Upon the completion of homework, kids are allowed to enter the Gym. They may participate in a variety of activities including Jump Rope, Punch Ball, Basketball skill development, Dodge ball or Dance. At approximately 5:50pm all kids are asked to exit the gym and start packing their belongings for Pick-Up.

We ask that all parents make arrangements or arrive on time to collect their children and avoid a late charge being assessed.  Our permit for after school program ends promptly at 6:00pm.  At this time, the security guard is officially off duty as well.  You will be assessed a late pick-up fee of $1.00 per minute/per child for each minute you have not picked up your child past our closing time.  

Fees will be due upon arrival the next day when the child is picked up or added to the following week's invoice.  The official time will be the cell phones of anyone on our staff.  Habitual lateness may be a cause for dismissal. 
~ and Pick-Up ~