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All payments must be made in full before the start of the month.
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To officially enroll your child, please click on registration fee below, then choose a plan (A), (B) or (C). 
Price for 1 child is $135.  For 2 or more children, the price is $110 each.  The registration fee is non-refundable and includes administrative fees,  T-Shirt, sweat shirt, a bag, daily after school snacks, supplies, and other incidentals. 
2 or More Children......
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Afterschool Payments:  All fees must be made prior to the start of the week on Mondays.  Full weekly fees are charged for school weeks including holidays.  The weekly/monthly fees are due regardless of the number of days a student attends.  As long as the school is open, it is automatically considered a week. 
Payments can be made at the afterschool program on Fridays or Monday Evenings.  You may also make payments online or over the weekend.  We accept cash, Zelle or credit cards and Money Orders.   If payments are not made by Tuesday, a Late Fee Of $7.50 will be assessed for each day over.  Please note: plans can not be combined.  If a parent deviates from this plan, there is a $35 charge to have it reinstated.
Daily rate is a pay as you go program.  All payments must be made in advance of the child attending. The child must attend the after school program a minimum of 5 times over the course of each month to remain eligible.  If a child misses the minimum cut off (5), they must be re-registered to hold the seat.
DAILY RATE....:  Averages Out To $125/Week-( $7.14 Per Hour!)
Must pre-pay fully before each ensuing month.  Adjustments will be made for the Christmas Holidays and Spring Break.  If one defaults on monthly rate, they can not re-enter that program. They must pay the weekly rate. 
Monthly Rate:  Averages Out To $85/WEEK - ( $4.85 Per Hour!)
Payment must be made promptly to avoid a late payment charge
Need a   place for you child 1 or 2 days a week, this is the plan for you.
Registration Fee - 1 Child...Click here -   
Weekly Rate:  Averages Out To $100/ Week - ( $5.71 Per Hour!)

PICK-UP: We ask that all parents make arrangements or arrive on time to collect their children and avoid a late charge being assessed. Our permit for after school program ends promptly at 6:00pm. At this time, the security guard is officially off duty as well. You will be assessed a late pick-up fee of $1.00 per minute/per child for each minute you have not picked up your child past our closing time.  

Fees will be due upon arrival the next day when the child is picked up or added to the following week's invoice. The official time will be the cell phones of anyone on our staff. Habitual lateness may be a cause for dismissal.